Writing Portfolio


The Wildlife Blog Collection 2019 | Terra Incognita, February 2019

Beside the Winter Waves | Project Calm Magazine (Issue 12), November 2018


Dive Beneath The Waves: The Blue Shark | New Nature Magazine, May - June 2019

A New Kid on The Block? | The Garamba, March 2019

Welsh Angels | Common by Nature, February 2019

Ocean for Conservation? | Nouse, February 2019

A Circular Future: An Eco-Friendly Fashion Industry? | Nouse, January 2019

Britain’s Coastal Wonders | New Nature Magazine, January - February 2019

The Grey Seal | New Nature Magazine, November - December 2018

Places to Visit: RSPB Leighton Moss | New Nature Magazine, September - October 2018

Microfibers: Do You Know About This Type of Plastic Pollution | Hale Magazine, September 2018

Underwater Tales: Sharktacular British Summer | New Nature Magazine, August 2018

Creatures Lurking in the Darkness at the Natural History Museum | New Nature Magazine Blog, August 2018

Underwater Tales: Why Are We Still Doubting Fish Sentience? | New Nature Magazine, May 2018

Venom: Killer and Cure at the Natural History Museum | New Nature Magazine Blog, April 2018

Diving Beneath the Surface at the Natural History Museum | New Nature Magazine, October 2017

Mission Loggerhead: Project Biodiversity Beach Patrols | Project Biodiversity, October 2017

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I am always looking for new opportunities to write for people! From reviewing new eco-friendly products and tours, to talking in-depth about the plastic problem, if you have an exciting new writing opportunity, please contact me at hannahsrudd@outlook.com or send me a message on LinkedIn.