My Goals for 2019

Now, I’ve ummed and ahhed about writing this post for a few days now.

In previous years I’ve always had a brief idea of where I want the coming year to head – it would be fair to describe me as a pretty ambitious individual, so some of my ideas may have been too large to achieve in a year.

Instead, for 2019 I’m laying out my goals on the internet for anyone to see – however big or small – in a bid to make me accountable for them.

1. Begin a PhD Programme

Now, this one is obviously a hit or miss depending on a variety of factors, such as the competitiveness of this years cohort.

However, over the past few weeks I have been slightly quieter online, not only because of being on holiday, but also because I have been doing a considerable amount of reading for the PhD projects that I am applying for in the new year.

I’ve thought long and hard about what projects I specifically want to do and why, and I have my heart set on one in particular.

At this stage, I won’t say too much, but beginning a PhD this autumn is definitely the goal that’s at the top of my list this year.

2. Start A Podcast

I would be lying if I said that I’ve got this one all figured out – I literally have no idea, other than the fact that I’d quite like to do one and I know the topics I’d like to tackle.

Keep an eye out for more on this as it progresses.

3. Engage in more #SciComm

If you follow me online, you’ll know that science communication is a passion of mine.

I love teaching people of all ages about the oceans and its marine life – especially watching the faces of children beam with fanatical pleasure when they encounter fauna on the rocky shore.

Being on the York Pint of Science communications team and being a member of both STEMPRA and ABSW are a few things I’ve already got lined up, but there will be plenty more marine #scicomm coming on my blog too.

Oh, and I’ve signed up for FameLab 2019 as well!

4. Attend More Conferences

2019 is already lining up to be a pretty jam-packed year for me with conferences, with Coastal Futures, Marine Scotland and Reef Conservation UK already logged in my calendar.

There are so many fantastic events that are put on throughout the UK for not only marine biology, but also ecology and conservation in general, and I hope to capitalise on many of them in the coming year.

Not only can you learn so much from attending these events, but they’re also a great opportunity to network and make new friends in the field.

If you know of any events, big or small, that you think are awesome, be sure to let me know on Twitter.

5. Do Well in My MSc

‘Well’ is a very subjective word, I know.

Obviously, I am, of course, aiming for a distinction in my masters degree – who wouldn’t want one? – but I am also aware that life happens and sometimes things have to give.

I am gaining so much experience from being a postgraduate student so far and I’m certain this will continue into 2019 – I have some phenomenal fieldwork trips lined up already!

It’s not always about the destination, it’s what you learn on the journey too.

6. Go Swimming Once A Week

This may sound like not that much of a big deal in comparison to my other 2019 goals, but swimming makes me immensely happy – in fact, just being in the water gives me so much joy.

The past few years I’ve let my swimming habit drift away from me; however, 2019 will be the year I’m dedicated to getting in the pool – or the ocean – at least once a week.

And hey, if I lose a bit of weight too, that’s just a bonus!

7. Blog Consistently 

Although 2018 has been the year that I seriously dedicated myself to my blog and my writing career, it’s safe for me to say that it hasn’t been my most consistent year.

In 2019, I am getting more organised – fact.

There will be new content on my blog weekly, and I am consistently going to be planning ahead – rather than the night before *guilty look on face*.

This little two week vacation I have taken has allowed me to get ahead of the game, producing content for the whole of January, so I am now one whole month ahead – WAHOO!

8.  Read Twelve Books

Being overly ambitious and saying I will read fifty-two books this year is only going to be met with failure – trust me, I did that this year.

But reading a book per month seems like an achievable target, even with everything I have planned to do.

Besides, I already have at least six books lined up on my shelf ready to read – just twelve more to find!

9. Write For More People

2018 was the year that I took the plunge and became a freelance writer.

Not only that, but I also became a regular contributor to several online publications and collaborated with other nature bloggers.

In 2019 I want to do more of that – much more in fact. I have several guest posts already lined up and am already well underway with my article pitches for print.

Writing is not only a wonderful tool for expression, but I also find it incredibly therapeutic.

I also have finalised my book idea in the past few weeks, so will *fingers crossed* find a publisher for that too.

Want to work with me? Drop me an email at and let’s have a chat.

10. Be Happy

Finally – and arguably most importantly – I want to be happy in 2019.

Sure, life will throw me the odd curveball and there will be periods when I am upset or down in the dumps, but I don’t want my emotions to control my life anymore like they used too.

I absolutely adore my life now and I am so lucky to be able to work towards the dream I had as a child every single day.

Studying our ocean and spreading what knowledge I have to others is something that gives me so much happiness, and I can’t wait to do plenty more of that in 2019.

Let’s get to work.

Hannah x